Gavin Cook at Dandenong Credit Union event, April 1986

Last week we shared glimpses of a recent record donation from Great Southern Bank which included hundreds of fantastic photos from the 1970s and 1980s of Dandenong Credit Union in particular, but also Berwick Credit Union.

Among the images one face regularly appears and it is labelled here and there as Gavin Cook. Our archives determine that he was the General Manager of Dandenong Credit Union and that his career was capped with an Australian Credit Union Distinguished Service Award bestowed by Cuscal in 1996.

Gavin was there right from the beginning at Dandenong Credit Union as Voluntary Director in 1969. It was registered as St. Mary's (Dandenong) Credit Co-operative in 1968. He was made General Manager in 1971 and stayed in that role until 1995 when it became Piccol Credit Union after a merger. He spent the last year of his working life as Piccol Credit Union Regional Manager, retiring in 1996.

He was also involved in the formation of CUMAD, a marketing group for community credit unions and was the Chair of the Victorian Credit Co-operative Association (VCCA). He was named Dandenong Citizen of the Year in 1990.

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