Australian Mutuals History's audio visual collection consists of over 600 films in various incarnations covering conferences and board meetings, marketing material and more. Some of the footage has intriguing titles, such as, “Combat Strategies for Financial Institutions – Jungle Greens or Business Suits”, “Till Debt Do Us Part” and “A Penny Saved”. Another fascinating thing about our AV collection is the amount of it that has been produced by credit unions themselves. Some of it was produced by professional agencies such as, “Pro-Image” and “John Singleton Advertising”, but most of it was made in house.

There certainly is an array of formats in the collection – from Betacam, VHS, CD-Rom, digital video (DVCAM), U-matic DVD to 16mm film. We began a project to digitise these films in 2019 and this work is ongoing. Below is a selection of these films we have digitised so far as well as a compilation we created of some of the films

Australian Mutuals History VHS Video Compilation

City Coast Credit Union Promotional Video 1990s

“Behind the Door”- NSW Teachers Credit Union Promotional Video 1990s

CUSCAL - "The Difference that Makes all the Difference" (ca. 1996)

Elcom Credit Union Ads 1990s

CUA TV Commercial (ca. 1980s-1990s)

King's X (1953)

A Moment of Opportunity (1996)

Calare Credit Union Car Loan (1996)

Members Mortgage Fund SA & Credit Union Association of SA (1987)

Victorian Credit Co-operative Association Video Newsletter (1988)

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