In 2022, we re-booted our oral history program. Below are some of the transcripts from interviews from our latest program.

Grant Devine (QBANK/Coastline Credit Union) Interview

Kevin Dupe (Regional Australia Bank) Interview

Dr Vern Harvey (CUSCAL) Interview

Chris Shepherd (Macquarie Credit Union) Interview

Paul Thomas (Gateway Bank) Interview

Steve James (Teachers Mutual Bank) Interview

Brian Bennett (Australian Mutuals Foundation) Interview

Gary Halliday (QUDOS Bank) Interview

Clive Skarott (ECU) Interview

The following interviews can be accessed with the permission of the interview subject:

Robert Keogh (Beyond Bank)

Rodney Beaton (ACPS Credit Society) Interview

Do you, your colleagues or someone you know have experiences and memories of service in the Australian credit union movement that you would like to share in an oral history interview? Contact us to register your interest or discuss the process involved.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by individuals interviewed by Australian Mutuals History are their own and are not endorsed by Australian Mutuals History. 

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